A community yard sale search tool.

Yoscar is a search tool for community garage sales.

If you have ever been to a large community garage sale with the intent of finding something in particular, you know how difficult and disheartening the hunt can be.

Yoscar lets you to search the entire sale, allowing you to quickly find sales and items that are of interest to you on the day of the event.


Beat everyone else to the good stuff! No more wasting time going from house to house.

For example, are you specifically looking for houses selling tools or a Kitchen Aid blender? Quickly map out pertinent sales using Yoscar!


Sell and get rid of more of your stuff!

Yoscar helps you sell more of your stuff by connecting you to the buyers that are looking for your stuff.

Don't worry: your address is never visible before the sale begins, so you won't have to fight off early birds. Increase your community garage sale's buzz by adding your items as early as possible!